Bears WR Brandon Marshall explains difference between Cutler, Campbell

Brandon Marshall has never been short on talent. It has been the off-field baggage that has sometimes obscured his on-field skills. But through 10 weeks, he seems quite comfortable in Chicago, where he was reunited with Jay Cutler, his quarterback in Denver.

But Cutler won't play on Monday night, when the Bears face the 49ers. He suffered a concussion against the Texans last week. Backup Jason Campbell will make his first start since early last season, when he was with the Raiders. On Friday, Marshall discussed the differences between the two quarterbacks.

“Jason's black, and Jay's white,” Marshall said (via's John Mullin), presumably for blind fans just out of a coma.

There's more: “You know what, it's the opposite,” Marshall continued. “You would think Campbell would be like [Michael] Vick. But ‘J-Cut’ is like Vick, and Jason is more of a pocket guy, I would say. 'Cut' likes to run around a little bit, so that's a little opposite. But because of the picture we paint on black quarterbacks, it's supposed to be a guy who runs around a lot. But Jason does a good job in the pocket, really reading coverage, really taking control of the offense.”

And that's this week's Black & White Scouting Report brought to you by Brandon Marshall.

Weird? A little.

But this is a guy who was once detained after not paying his cab fare and blamed the misunderstanding on the driver's thick accent.

Marshall admits that he and Cutler had an on-field rapport that will be tough to duplicate with Campbell with just a week's work.

"The thing that Jay and I have is something a little extra," he said via's Gene Chamberlain. "You don't have to have that to be successful.

Campbell understands this.

"I can't make up for four years that they've been together," he said. "You can't worry about trying to please everyone. You've just got to try to play your game because everyone knows that you haven't played in a while and, of course, you're not going to be like a Peyton Manning or anything. You've just got to do what you do and try to do it to the best of your abilities. Jay is good at what Jay does, and I'm good for different reasons for things that I do, and that's the way I have to do."'s Clark Judge agrees, writing "Campbell was the safety net for Cutler, [Michael] Bush was the safety net for Matt Forte, and both are invaluable insurance policies against a 2011 encore."

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