Full disclosure: I don't watch the "Bachelorette." Until this season anyway. The 2018 version of the show, in which a number of different men vie for the heart of one woman -- in this case Becca Kufrin -- and try to find true love, will feature not just a former NFL player but also a fellow "sports analyst."

That sports analyst is actually friend of the program and Pro Football Focus analyst Mike Remmer, a good dude with really long hair.

via The Bachelorette / Facebook

Chris Harrison, the host, made sure to make a note of that, comparing Remmer to legendary "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" character Jeff Spicoli on the Facebook Live unveiling of the new characters.

"Those aren't extensions. That's legit. That's all Mike," Harrison said. "He looks kind of like -- you watch any 80's surf movies? That's Mike. Not Spicoli-esque, but pretty close." 

Aloha, Mr. Hand. I know that dude. 

We need at least one scene during this season where Remmer is forced to read off NFL tight end Clay Harbor's grades, since Harbor, who is also on the show as a contestant, has only finished with a positive PFF grade one time in his career (2011, when he netted a 0.3).

"Clay might be the most athletic guy we've ever had on the show. Plays professional ball," Harrison said describing Harbor. "A lot of the guys come on the show and say 'I play pro ball' and you're like 'What does that mean?' Clay actually plays in the NFL, had a great career. I think the thing with Clay is he ready to give up his career?" 

via The Bachelorette / Facebook

If Clay finds out what Mike thinks about him he might be! We kid, we kid. Harbor isn't even the worst NFL tight end in the contestant pool. Also trying to find love is former Raiders tight end Colton Underwood, who is more famous for deciding to shoot his shot and ask Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman out on a date.

The bold move worked out for Underwood, who would eventually land a date with Raisman and become her boyfriend. The two have since split up (we assume, otherwise this is going to be very awkward for Aly). 

In a fairly amusing moment, there was no photo available of Underwood because the graphics froze up. Credit Harrison for handling it well. 

Now he just needs to make sure that both Underwood and Harbor get to grill Remmer about their grades.