Belichick not interested in questions about Hernandez, Tebow

Bill Belichick is unamused by your vapid questions. (USATSI)
Bill Belichick is known for a few things -- three Super Bowl titles, an affection for hoodies, and quite possibly the most boring press conferences in the history of tackle football. This was on full display Thursday night after the Patriotsbeat the Giants in a preseason game.

Belichick was asked about Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots tight end who is awaiting trial on first-degree murder charges, as well as third-string quarterback Tim Tebow, who is in danger of not making the final 53-man roster.

Here's how Belichick handled the Hernandez question, which came up because a recent Rolling Stone story suggested that Belichick knew Hernandez's life was in danger.

Q: There was a Rolling Stone article about Aaron Hernandez...

BB: I don't have anything to add.

Q: Have you read it?

BB: I don't have anything to add.

Q: It said in there that...

BB: I don't have anything to add.

Q: Jonathan Kraft addressed it...

BB: Next question.

Alrighty then. Certainly, the coach would have more to say about Tebow, right?

Wrong (duh).

Q: What would factor into keeping Tim Tebow?

BB: Whatever we do is what we think is in the best interest of this football team, the 2013 team, whatever that is at any position. We'll do what we think is best for the team.

Q: What specifically would keep him?

BB: Whoever we keep will be because of the value they bring to the team.

Q: I'm asking specifically about him.

BB: The things we feel he can do that will help our team.

Q: Which are...?

BB: What he's been doing in training camp.

And Belichick didn't even have to shimmy to convince the media that he wasn't going to talk about it.

Different strokes for different folks, we guess.

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