It's May and Bill Belichick's burns are already in midseason form.

By now, the Patriots head coach's reputation is that of a grump, a reputation he's earned thanks to every uncomfortable, awkward press conference. But Belichick is also pretty funny when he tries, which makes sense given he's easily the smartest coach in the league.

Belichick proved it again this week. When Belichick appeared on Lacrosse Magazine's "Overtime with Paul Carcaterra" for a video feature, he was asked what position he'd put Tom Brady at if Belichick coached a lacrosse team.

His response?

"Put him in the goal," Belichick said. "He can't run. I mean, he can't run. He can't dodge, can't run."

Belichick and Brady
Bill Belichick clearly isn't afraid to make fun of Tom Brady's speed. USATSI

Belichick said he'd put Rob Gronkowski at crease-attack and insert Julian Edelman at midfield. So he wasn't being hard on all of his players. He saved that just for Brady.

So, Belichick and his family actually have a long history with the sport. Belichick even played in college and his daughter, Amanda, is the head coach of Holy Cross' women's program. In the video, Belichick picked up a stick and tossed the ball around. I don't watch lacrosse (I went to a five-day camp as a kid and then gave up on it), but he looked like a natural, even using the stick with both hands.

Anyway, let's get back to Belichick's Brady "can't run" quip. This needs to be Brady's only response.