The Buffalo Bills are going to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. For that, they can thank the Cincinnati Bengals, who clinched the Bills' playoff spot by beating the Ravens with an incredible and improbable fourth-quarter touchdown on Sunday.

The Bengals' good deed won't go unrewarded. Shortly after Week 17 wrapped up, the Bills thanked the Bengals on Twitter and promised them free wings -- yes, free wings.

How exactly the Bills are planning to give the Bengals their free wings -- hopefully they aren't going to buy wings and then ship them to Cincinnati, because that sounds awful -- is unknown, but it's a nice gesture. It's not everyday you break your historic playoff drought thanks to a heroic touchdown by Andy Dalton and Tyler Boyd of all players. So, wings (and more than a few drinks) seems like an appropriate way to celebrate.

If you missed the touchdown, here it is:

And here's how the Bills celebrated in the locker room:

"I'm so excited for our players and fans. Everyone has sacrificed so much to be here. Thank you to the Bengals," Bills first-year coach Sean McDermott said, per the team's website.

"It's such an emotional moment," he added. "No one gave this team a chance all year long. Our fans have been great all season long and I'm looking forward to seeing them at our playoff game."

So, the Bills are looking forward to their first playoff game in nearly two decades ...

... and the Bengals are looking forward to their free wings.

Call it even.