Cincinnati Bengals fan Jeff Lanham has been on the roof of his restaurant since Week 5 and has vowed to remain there until the Bengals win a game. Lanham is taking his commitment seriously as he even had Thanksgiving on the roof on Thursday.

Lanham's family visited him to celebrate the holiday despite his new living quarters.

By the looks of it, Lanham had all the fixings that everyone else has for Thanksgiving. According to CBS Sports' John Schriffen, the superfan plans to come down at the conclusion of the regular season if the Bengals finish winless.

According to the Washington Post, Lanham spends 23 hours a day on the roof of his restaurant, the Hog Rock Cafe. He stays in a tent that also has a television, heater, sleeping bag, clothes, food, and a coat. His wife comes up to change out his laundry.

"I'm so ready to come down; it's miserable up here," Lanham said. "I did not plan on being up here this long. This definitely wasn't no business move, I can tell you that. The only reason I'm even up here is to silence the haters' mouths. I never want anyone to be able to say that I wasn't a man of my word."

The Bengals are currently 0-11 and have five games remaining to try and come away with a victory. Cincinnati is set to face the New York Jets on Sunday and four of the team's final five games will be against teams that are under .500.