The Cincinnati Bengals are not exactly having a good season. They are 0-6 and in last place in the AFC North. They join the disaster that is the Miami Dolphins as the only other AFC team that hasn't yet won a game. 

As such, Bengals fans are looking for anyone who can spark something in this team and even an older, retired NFL player will work for them. Former Cincy star receiver Chad Johnson (formerly Chad Ochocinco) tweeted Thursday, "Flight to Cincinnati at 1:30." Fans of his old team are now hoping that tweet secretly means he is going back to the Bengals. 

The 41-year-old did not mention that he was heading there for any football-related reason, but a quote tweet of an old Ochocinco touchdown celebration from the team was all it took to have fans begging the six-time Pro-bowler to come back.

The former No. 85 may not be in perfect football shape, but what is the worst he could do on the team, lose? That's all they've done so far anyway. At the very least, his return would be nostalgic and give them some entertainment from the larger-than-life personality that is Ochocinco. 

All jokes aside, Johnson seems comfortable in retired life and is more than likely just visiting his old stomping grounds, but that didn't stop Bengals fans from pleading with the wide receiver to make his grand return. 

People responded to the tweet with everything from "Can you play left tackle" to "Suit up" to asking him to be the new WR coach. 

Fans even offered to pick him up from the airport and buy him lunch, sweetening the deal for him to make his Bengals comeback.

Johnson, or Ochocinco if we are talking about him from 2008-2012, had 766 receptions, 11,059 yards and 67 touchdowns during his NFL career. 

The Bengals will host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, Johnson might be there, but there's a good chance he's just watching from the stands.