Bengals match an awful football record set in 1939, might be AFC North's worst team

The Bengals still do not have any touchdowns and they have played one eighth of their entire 2017 NFL schedule. That is very much not great. In fact, it is historically not great and perhaps even historically terrible. 

Following Thursday night's debacle of a loss at home to the Texans, a 13-9 baseball score of a game that set football back half a century, the Bengals have now scored nine points through two games. 

For the non-math majors out there, the Bengals are averaging 4.5 points per game (for the non-football fans out there, that's horrifically bad). Which means they are on pace for 72 points for the entire season. That won't hold up over the course of the year, one has to assume, although Andy Dalton has looked scattershot and has struggled badly under pressure. The offensive line has not held up the way the Bengals hoped it might.

So, yeah, nine points. Not good.

The Bengals did not miss an extra point to get to nine either, which means they are touchdown-less on the season despite having played both their games in the friendly home confines of Paul Brown Stadium. They have three field goals through two games on offense while playing both games at home.

It's historically terrible, matching a record from 1939 when the goalposts were in the end zone, the forward pass was illegal and the football was not pigskin but an actual live pig from Sam Smith's farm down the yonder. 

The good news for Cincinnati is that the schedule gets easier. It has to -- they opened up against a filthy Ravens defensive line and promptly got a very angry J.J. Watt in Week 2. Nick Perry and Mike Daniels of the Packers might not make life easier in Week 3; TBD on how they look against the Falcons this coming Sunday night before we crown them as a dangerous defense. 

Still, the Bengals have to figure out something. The closest they came to a touchdown on Thursday was a catch in the end zone by Tyler Eifert after he stepped roughly 12 feet out of bounds and a play where Dalton heaved the ball as far as he could to A.J. Green, who was in triple coverage but still made the catch because, you know, he's A.J. Green.

You could actually argue the Bengals are a decent buy-low team, because of the talent on the roster and the inevitable return of Vontaze Burfict. The defense is pretty good and the offense just needs to figure things out quickly.

But you could just as easily argue that the Bengals, not the Browns, are the worst team in the AFC North. Things should only get better, but things have the potential to get worse. 

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