Bengals OL Whitworth says he'd rather quit than play in London

Bengals lineman Andrew Whitworth has no desire to play for an NFL team based in London. (USATSI)
Bengals lineman Andrew Whitworth has no desire to play for an NFL team based in London. (USATSI)

The Cincinnati Bengals aren't moving to London, but if they did, offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth wouldn't be going with them because he'd quit the team -- at least that's what he says. 

"I would hope that I was financially able to quit," Whitworth said of being on a London-based team, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. "That's what I would hope. ... My papers would be the first one in."

Whitworth thinks other players feel that way, too. "I don't see that a lot of guys would want to do that," he said. "I don't see any players that would enjoy that. Sure, you may find a handful of guys that would say, 'Oh hey, that'd be cool,' but the rest of them wouldn't."

If Whitworth doesn't want to end up in England, he'd better keep his fingers crossed that the Bengals don't trade him to Jacksonville. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora wrote on Wednesday that the Jaguars seem like the best fit for England. 

As the Jaguars team website pointed out, Jacksonville could be playing two games a season in London as soon as next year. The two games would include one home game and potentially one away game.

If Whitworth -- the Bengals NFLPA rep -- doesn't want to go to England, he'd better start working the phones now. The Bengals are scheduled to play Jacksonville in 2014. On the other hand, if the Bengals play in London in 2014, maybe Whitworth will really like it and change his tune. But probably not. 

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