Bengals punter Kevin Huber gets destroyed on Steelers return TD

Kevin Huber had a rough first quarter in Pittsburgh. (USATSI)
Kevin Huber had a rough first quarter in Pittsburgh. (USATSI)

Being a punter is one of the easiest jobs in the NFL, until someone blindsides you and fractures your jaw that is. Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber found that out the hard way on Sunday. 

After a first quarter punt, Huber tried to make a tackle on Steelers punt returner Antonio Brown. Only Huber didn't come anywhere near making the tackle because he got destroyed by Pittsburgh's Terence Garvin.

If you've never seen someone fracture their jaw right before your eyes, just go ahead and watch that again. Now you have. Huber suffered a fractured jaw on the play and won't be returning to the game. Kicker Mike Nugent will handle the Bengals punting duties. Andy Dalton will take Huber's place as Nugent's holder on field goals and extra points. 

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