Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert has such bad luck. Eifert is one of the best tight ends in the NFL when healthy -- a Pro Bowl-caliber player. But he just can't manage to stay on the field. 

Eifert sustained what appeared to be yet another serious injury Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. After catching a pass from Andy Dalton early in the third quarter, Eifert got his leg rolled up underneath himself. It appeared that his leg and/or ankle were pointing in the wrong direction. (According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Eifert broke his ankle and will have surgery.) 

The following photo of Eifert being tackled is not the most graphic depiction of the injury that you'll see, but it is not pretty, so consider this a warning for those with weak stomachs. 

Watching the game on NFL Red Zone, one could hear Scott Hanson pleading with the producers not to show a replay of Eifert's injury and the resulting damage to his lower leg. More than a few NFL reporters shared the same sentiment on Twitter. 

Eifert remained down on the field for several minutes, and he was eventually carted off. Players from both teams came over to the cart to wish him well as he was taken back into the tunnel. 


The Bengals are already without running back Joe Mixon early in the year after he suffered a knee injury in Week 2, and will presumably have to work without their starting tight end the rest of the way. For Eifert, it has to be simply devastating to be out for the year once again. He played just 10 games over the past two years and missed all but one game back in 2014, and he had been eased into the lineup early on this season. 

After the game was over, Eifert issued the following statement via his Twitter account. 

"This was the hardest I've worked to put myself in a position to help this team succeed and having this happen crushes me," Eifert wrote. "If I've learned anything from before, it's not a time for self pity and negativity. The only thing to do is move forward with optimism. With the support of my family, friends, trainers, teammates, and coaches, this will soon be another obstacle that was overcome and life will go on. Thanks to everyone who has sent prayers and well wishes my way!"