Best tweets from Day 3 of the 2015 NFL Draft (starring Evan Mathis)

Following the NFL Draft on Twitter is nearly as fun as watching it on TV. You've got hard-hitting analysis, pictures of the top prospects as they go shake hands with the commissioner and of course, lots of (mostly failed) attempts at being funny. Throughout the night on Saturday, we rounded up some of the best tweets to give you a guide to the festivities, just as we did on Thursday and Friday. Enjoy.

We'll start in Philadelphia, where Evan Mathis had a message for coach Chip Kelly.

If you don't know what that means... well, look it up. Why the need for a message, though? Glad you asked. Here's what Kelly had to say about Mathis.

Yikes. Doesn't seem like that's a good situation.

Elsewhere on Saturday, we had all kinds of fan celebrations after they announced draft picks.

Pools and cannons and dances, oh my!

The Patriots picked two of the greatest centers of all time and one of the NBA's first point forwards. And they are all the same person!

Shaq Olajuwon Mason. What a name.

This is an ELITE shirt, by the way.

One of the players drafted on Saturday was named Jesse James. No, not THAT Jesse James. Or that one, either. The tight end from Penn State.

Note: That is not a story. That's just the name of his brother.

Last but not least, let's make fun of my alma mater.

That's just sad.

The relationship between Chip Kelly and one of his guards is not great. (Getty Images)

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