Some people have really good memories.

I know there are people that have photographic memories, that can read hundreds or thousands of words or numbers one time, and recall them even years later. Others are more auditory, and can hear a list of names a few times in a row and later on, be able to spit them out one by one.

Now, I don't personally know any, but apparently there are the freaks that can remember diagrams of football plays from 58 years ago. Unsurprisingly, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is one of these people.

In a segment for CBS Sports Network produced ahead of this weekend's Army-Navy football game, Belichick sat down with Leslie Visser and former Navy halfback (and Heisman Trophy winner) Joe Bellino, and Belichick drew up the exact diagram for Navy's 27 F Trap, from memory, complete with the route Bellino would usually take -- through the seven hole, then to the outside, then up the field -- when running the play.


As part of CBS Sports Network's pre-game coverage of the 2016 Army-Navy football classic, the network airs a special edition of its in-depth interview series, ONE2ONE on Saturday, Dec. 10 (11:30 AM, ET) featuring New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick sitting down with his childhood idol, 1960 Navy Heisman Trophy winner, Joe Bellino. Lesley Visser hosts the discussion as Belichick and Bellino reflect on the legacy of Belichick's dad, Steve, who coached at the Naval Academy from 1956-89.