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If Bill Belichick coaches for at least two more seasons, there's a good chance that he's going to set the record for most wins by a coach in NFL history. However, before he breaks that record, there's a possibility that he could end up breaking another mark first: The record for most losses by a coach. 

As things currently stand, Belichick has 152 career losses, which puts him in fifth place on the all-time list for most losses by a coach in the regular season. 

Here's a look at the current list: 

1. Dan Reeves: 190-165-2
2. Jeff Fisher: 173-165-1
3. Tom Landry: 250-162-6
4. Don Shula: 328-156-6
5. Bill Belichick: 298-152-0

As you can see, Belichick is just 13 losses away from tying Reeves and Fisher for the most losses in history. If you include playoff losses, Belichick is also fifth on the all-time list while still being just 13 losses away from tying the all-time record. 

Most losses (including playoff games)

1. Tom Landry: 270-178-6
2. Dan Reeves: 201-174-2
3. Don Shula: 347-173-6
4. Jeff Fisher: 178-171-1
5. Bill Belichick: 329-165-0

Three years ago, it seemed almost inconceivable that Belichick would set the record for most losses before setting the record for most wins, but now, it's definitely a possibility. In the three seasons since Tom Brady left, the Patriots have gone 25-25. They've also had a losing season in two of the past three years, which marks the only two times over the past 20 years that the Patriots have finished with a losing record under Belichick. 

With the 71-year-old just 13 losses away from tying the record for most losses, there's an outside chance he could tie the mark this year. Although it's unlikely that the Patriots will go 4-13 in 2023, they are arguably the worst team in the AFC East, so the upcoming season could be a difficult one for them. 

As weird as it sounds, the fact that Belichick will likely become the coach with the most losses in NFL history is actually a testament to his success and his longevity. If you're in the NFL long enough, no matter how successful you are, you're definitely going to fail at times. 

For instance, just look at the quarterbacks who have thrown the most interceptions in NFL history. Of the 10 players who have thrown the most picks, seven of them are in the Hall of Fame, including Brett Favre, who threw 336 interceptions during his career, which is still an NFL record. 

As for Belichick, no matter what happens from here on out with the six-time Super Bowl-winning coach, he'll always be remembered as one of the best coaches in NFL history and that will become even more evident if he sets the record for most wins. 

Right now, here's where Belichick stands on the all-time list for most regular-season wins: 

1. Don Shula: 328
2. George Halas: 318
3. Bill Belichick: 298

And here's where he stands on the all-time wins list (including playoffs)

1. Don Shula: 347
2. Bill Belichick: 329

Belichick needs just 18 more wins to pass Shula for the most wins in NFL history, including the postseason. This means the race is officially on: With Belichick 13 losses away from setting the record for most losses and 18 victories away from setting the record for most wins, it will be interesting to see which one he breaks first.