The game between the Chiefs and the Patriots on Sunday night is arguably the biggest game of Week 6, but don't tell that to Bill Belichick, because he's in no mood to help anyone hype the game this week. 

During his press conference on Wednesday, Belichick was asked if he felt like this game could end up deciding the No. 1 seed in the AFC, and the Patriots coach responded with exactly seven words. 

"It feels like we're playing Kansas City," Belichick said. 

Belichick was then asked if it felt like the stakes were higher this week with the 5-0 Chiefs coming to town, and I'll let you guess what he said. If you guessed that he said the exact same thing, you're right. 

"It feels like we're playing Kansas City," Belichick said. 

Both answers are much more drab when you see video of it, so here's video of Belichick killing all the hype for the Chiefs-Patriots game. 

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The latest Bill Belichick one liner

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I'm guessing NBC isn't going to call him and ask him to do any sort of promo for the game. Also, between this and "We're on to Cincinnati," coming up with catch phrases that involve Midwestern cities seems to be a hidden talent for Belichick. 

Although Belichick didn't really feel like answering any questions about the significance of the game, he was more than willing to answer multiple questions about the players on the Chiefs' roster. After talking up Patrick Mahomes earlier this week, Belichick used Wednesday's press conference to talk up several of Mahomes' targets, including Travis Kelce

"He's good at everything. He's got good speed," Belichick said. "He's really good after the catch, hard to tackle, good in space, he's quick. He's got good size. He catches the ball well, good balance. He's a hard guy to defend."

The Patriots coach also managed to pull a two-for-one when he complimented both Tyreek Hill and Andy Reid after being asked a question about how the Chiefs use Hill. 

"Andy's a great coach. He does a great job in game planning," Belichick said. "You never know where [Hill's] going to be. Where he is for you and where he is for somebody else depends on how you play and how they want to attack you, so you've got to be ready for everything with him. He could be anywhere."

The showdown between the Chiefs and the Patriots kicks off at 8:20 p.m. ET on Sunday and although Belichick isn't helping at all with the hype, you should probably watch the game, just to see if he can come up with a defensive game plan to stop a high-flying Chiefs offense that has been rolling over everyone this season.