Bill Belichick has run-in with paparazzi in Hollywood and it goes exactly how you thought it would

If you thought Bill Belichick was good at stonewalling members of the sports media, just wait until you see what he did to the paparazzi in Southern California over the weekend. 

After hitting up a West Hollywood restaurant with his long time girlfriend, Linda Holliday, the Patriots coach found himself outside waiting for a valet to bring his car, and that's when TMZ found him. For roughly 90 seconds, Belichick got blitzed with questions, and let's just say, when it comes to answering them, he was in midseason form. 

The first question to Belichick was about Tom Brady's recent ski video on Instagram and then, from there, things basically went off the rails. 

"Is Tom unbreakable?" No answer. 

"Were you worried about Tom skiing at all?" Silence from Belichick. 

"Any new recruits for the team?" More silence from Belichick. 

"What do you think about Robert Kraft? Is he going to be alright? Is going to take the plea deal?" Belichick completely ignores this line of questioning. 

"What team do you fear this year to give you a challenge? Do you think the Rams are going to give you a challenge?" No answer. 

The Patriots coach gave exactly zero answers during his brief run-in with the entertainment media. it was classic Belichick. I think the moral of the story here is that you can't be taken out of context if you don't actually say anything to be put into context, and Belichick didn't say anything at all. 

Of course, although Belichick didn't respond to any questions, he did seem to enjoy several compliments that came his way. The Patriots coach actually cracked a smile after one of the compliments. 

"Bill, you look so much younger in person." Belichick cracks a smile. 

"You look very good. You look amazing, I like the outfit."Belichick turns and faces the camera with full smile. 

Anyway, Belichick will be back in his football surroundings this week and that's because he's expected to be attending the NFL's annual league meeting, which will be taking place in Phoenix from Sunday until Wednesday. 

As for the his run-in with the paparazzi, you can see the entire video below. 

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