Bill Belichick makes rare joke about the Jets

Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan like to make jokes. (USATSI)
Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan like to make jokes. (USATSI)

One of the most maddening parts about attending a Bill Belichick press conference is that you're 98 percent sure he's going to be boring and difficult, and he makes it clear that he has no interest in being behind a microphone and talking to a bunch of scribes.

But one of the most frustrating aspects is that you know Belichick has the ability to deliver good quotes with a sufficient amount of charm if he truly felt like it.

We see that side of his personality on occasion, and apparently, he was a in a good mood Wednesday when he decided to take a light-hearted shot at the Jets even though the question he received was about the Browns.

The question related to Belichick's former job coaching in Cleveland from 1991-95 when he went 36-44 before he was fired.

"I was there for five years," Belichick said, via the Boston Herald. "It was five important years in my life, for myself, my family and all that. Obviously, we've all moved on, and I have a job to do here and that's where my loyalty is, is to Robert [Kraft], the Patriots organization and this football team. So it's no different than how I feel, honestly, about the Colts, or the Lions or the Broncos. I feel differently about the Jets. We won't put them in that category.

"Good experiences with all of those teams, and we learned from them, grew as a coach, and as a person and as a family. But we're at a different time and a different place. This is where we are now, so I'll try to make the most out of this one."

Clearly, he was joking about the time he spent as an assistant with the Jets from 1997-99, probably because he and Rex Ryan have become so good at slinging bad vibes at each other. Nevertheless, we eagerly await the response of Ryan, who hopefully won't punch Belichick in the face.

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