Bill Belichick mic'd up against Packers, here are seven best things about incredible NFL Films clip

There is nothing better than an inside glimpse into the greatest coach in NFL history, and we got a great look at Bill Belichick from Sunday night courtesy of NFL Films, who once again managed to capture some amazing behind-the-scenes football glory by mic'ing up the Patriots coach during Sunday night's game against the Packers.

The result is a four-minute clip that you have to watch. Like, you HAVE TO WATCH IT. Whether you care about football or not, it's wildly entertaining. 

Check it here and then we'll break down the seven best things about the video.

Belichick pregame

Jovial old Bill, just out there shaking hands and kissing babies. Belichick is shaking hands with the local cops working security at the game and making wise with the referees who lament him wearing short sleeves in cold weather. 

Constantly teaching

"Look, those pass rushes were great," Belichick remarks after Aaron Rodgers throws the ball away. "We got pressure from the middle, the ends folded."

We get caught up in Belichick being a grumpster at his press conferences, but watching him coach and teach is remarkable, especially the enthusiasm he has when he's talking to his defense about getting a push up front. Imagine being his age (66) with as much success as he has (seven rings, tens of millions of dollars) and still being that passionate about the nitty gritty of coaching defensive line play. Love it.

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Is there anything dumber than the coaches' challenge method? Belichick has to walk around with a big, red flag in his sock all game if he wants to challenge something. It will never not be amusing to see a coach challenge a play.

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Working the refs

At one point Belichick complains to the ref about a guy not being set before a play and is told "we're on it." 

His screaming immediately after is high comedy. "You're not on it! You're not on it at all!" 

And then immediately after NFL Films showed an exchange involving Belichick potentially taking a timeout. I might isolate "I mean, come on fellas" and put it on my podcast as part of the intro music. (Also it sounds like a line from "Fletch.")

"Need something down there coach?"
"Maybe ... I was maybe gonna call a timeout yeah."
"Well we need you, if you're gonna come --
"Ah look, no no no. I get this every week. If need a timeout, come down there and call it. So I came down there, I didn't take it and I moved back."
"I mean, come on fellas."
"I saw it out of the corner of my eye and I gotta concentrate on the snap."
"OK and I would have told you if I needed it but I wanted to see what the formation was and it was a key play in the game."

Belichick working the refs reminds me of Coach K working the refs. Everyone's friendly until the whistle blows, and he's friendly enough during the game, but there's definitely some "hey you know who I am" to it that all great coaches have. 

No Reaction

My favorite part, by far, about the whole video, is Belichick reacting -- or not reacting if you will -- to the Patriots scoring points and creating turnovers. NFL Films grabbed like four different clips of big things happening and people are losing their minds around Belichick and he's just standing there unflinching.

And then he goes back to some equipment guy "Hey do you have an extra Sharpie?" It gets me every time. NFL Films is so good at this.

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Which guy?

On the late Josh Gordon touchdown, Tom Brady comes off the field and a smiling Belichick asks him "Who were you throwing that to?" Brady says Gordon but we all know it wasn't Gordon. 

"You're the Best"

Belichick meets Mike McCarthy at midfield and they do the standard rigamarole of "nice job coaching, best of luck, etc." But then he sees Aaron Rodgers, who tells Belichick "you're the best" and Belichick responds with "No, you are." Imagine being told you're the best by Bill Freaking Belichick. 

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