Bill Belichick respects all of his opponents unconditionally, even if they sometimes don't really respect themselves. The only way the Broncos' offense can be described as explosive right now is if you're talking about what they're using to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot, but where there's a Belichick there's a way.

Of the Broncos' offense, who are currently 17th in the league in total offense 19th in passing yards and 22nd in points, Belichick said that "offensively they're very explosive." To most people, this would deemed patently untrue, especially with Brock Osweiler at the helm, but when you're dead last in the league in total defense every offense has to be taken seriously.

The Broncos have been trending downward, having lost their last four games. Sunday saw an embarrassing loss against the league-best Philadelphia Eagles, 51-23. in which Osweiler finished 19-of-38 with 208 yards. The running game was also abysmal. It's a sharp turn downward for a Broncos team that expects a certain level of success, and frustration has been running rampant. Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. called the loss "rock bottom."

Belichick is known for his no-nonsense approach to any team in the league. He once told The Boston Herald his ways of preparing for "bad" teams. As far back as 2011, he was venting his frustration with being asked about his preparation habits, specifically when he was being asked about the Colts.

There's 16 games on the schedule and they're all the same. It's our team versus that team that week. And we look at tape and learn about our opponent, scout them, and pick up tendencies. But how we match up against that team that day is all that matters. The rest of it, it's a bunch of garbage. You guys can write about it all you want, it doesn't matter. But, the winner of this game will be determined by which team plays better on Sunday, not what happened four weeks ago. And I know this is a news story, it's like this every week. Every week.

Basically, Belichick is bizarro Alphaville: He's hoping for the worst but expecting the best. The Broncos may be down, but you never know when an NFL quarterback will break out for 400 yards. Will it be next week for Osweiler? Probably not. But you never know.