Bill Belichick shows Rob Gronkowski cat photos to entire team

This kitten looks scared and confused. (ESPN the Magazine)
This kitten looks scared and confused. (ESPN the Magazine)

Rob Gronkowski and a kitten took part in a recent ESPN the Magazine photo shoot. In a shocking development, Gronk's teammates found this, well, weird and funny.

"Coach (Bill Belichick) was talking about how to approach the media and things to say, and things not to say, and he held up the picture of Rob and everybody just started laughing," wide receiver Brandon LaFell said, via "There's always something about Rob.

"... He's a great guy; he's an animal, man. Whatever he does off the field, as long as it's nothing distracting to the team, I'm all for it," LaFell continued. "As long as he brings everything he's got every Sunday, I'm with him."

(Hey, it could be worse.)

"Bill brought it up this morning in team meeting, and we had a couple chuckles about it," cornerback Darrelle Revis said. "It was pretty funny this morning. I guess Gronk has a soft side to his personality. ... Bill does a great job of trying to soften the mood sometimes. He did this morning, guys had a little chuckle about it, and then we moved on."

Speaking of which, Gronkowski, when asked about the photos, said he was moving on to the Miami Dolphins. Not so fast:

History repeating itself. (Pinterest/ESPN the Magazine)
History repeating itself. (Pinterest/ESPN the Magazine)

* Thanks to Social's Hannah Lamkin for the Bowie-Gronk Photoshop. The world is a better place for it.

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