If you've been following the Patriots during the Bill Belichick era, then you know that a big part of the "Patriot Way" is never revealing team secrets and not letting anyone know what goes on behind closed doors.

Apparently, Brandon LaFell didn't get the memo. On Thursday, the Patriots receiver spilled a few secrets about how the Patriots watch film.

According to LaFell, when New England's players head into a film session with Belichick, the Patriots coach only shows plays that make the other team look good.

"It feels like every team we play against, it feels like the best defensive line we're going to face in the year, the best secondary," LaFell said. "Every time we watch film against a team, I feel like they're undefeated because we never see [any] of the bad plays."

LaFell basically broke the first rule of Fight Club with his statement.

Belichick was asked about LaFell's comments on Friday and, as you can imagine, the Patriots coach was not amused to hear that one of his own players was spilling secrets.

"Well, I wouldn't agree with that statement," Belichick said when asked about LaFell's assessment of how the team watches film.

The Patriots coach then went on to point out that he's actually shown film plenty of times where the other team doesn't look good.

"You should ask Brandon LaFell if I've ever shown any of our opponents missing a tackle. Just ask him that," Belichick said. "We show plays that are relevant, whatever they are. There are good plays. There are things that we think we can take advantage of."

Belichick also added that when he does show the other team's good plays, there's a reason for it.

"Whoever we play, each team has strengths and weaknesses," Belichick said. "You've got to stop the other team's strengths. I don't think you want to let another team that does something well just do that. You take the strength away and then see if they can do something else, beat you with some other way. You understand what their strengths are and how to defend them and you understand what you think their weaknesses are or the weaknesses as you match up against that team."

The Patriots are playing the Eagles on Sunday, and the good news for LaFell is that if he only had to watch film of the good plays that Philly has made this year, then he probably had a pretty short film session this week.

Bill Belichick doesn't sound happy with Brandon LaFell. (USATSI)
Bill Belichick doesn't sound happy with Brandon LaFell. (USATSI)