In 17 years with the Patriots, Bill Belichick has a 214-74 regular-season record, is 27-10 in the playoffs, and 5-3 in Super Bowls. He has the most wins (250) among active NFL coaches -- and 67 more than Andy Reid, who is second on the list -- and he's third on the all-time list behind only Don Shula and George Halas.

It's safe to assume Belichick's professional career has centered around one thing: Winning. This seems reasonable given highly competitive nature of his line of work, but the Patriot Way has been under scrutiny in recent months, most notably by members of the team that vanquished the Pats in Super Bowl LII.

"All the media wants to talk about is rings," Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson this week. "Rings. I'm going to get this ring and never wear it one day. I'm going to put it away in a box. The only thing you're going to remember from your playing days, you're not going to remember the scores. You're going to remember the people you played with and how you felt. And that's the truth. "All these guys talking about 'I'll take the rings.' OK. You can have your rings. You can also have f------ 15 miserable years."

Belichick was asked Thursday if it was important to find ways to motivate his players while also keeping them happy.

"We feel what's important to us is to win," Belichick responded. "So that's really what we're trying to do."

Belichick also appeared unconcerned of skeptics like Johnson. "Yeah, we're focused on what we're doing, trying to get better and taking each day we can to try to improve our football team," the coach said. "Not really focused on what everybody else is doing."

That would include Brandon Brooks, Johnson's teammate in Philly who never played for Belichick but had a forgettable experience in Houston with Bill O'Brien, who was an assistant in New England for five years before landing the Texans' job in 2014.

"It's crazy that people haven't known this," Brooks said Tuesday. "It's been this way for like a decade. You've seen -- Reggie Wayne did it. He retired. He went there [to the Patriots] for a training camp and retired. S--- is not fun there. I was under the same regime in Houston [with O'Brien]. I almost retired. S--- was miserable, every day. Every day."

Every summer critics wonder if this will be the season the Patriots' dynasty comes crashing down. And every season, the Patriots prove those critics wrong. It's hard to imagine that changes anytime soon.

In unrelated-but-just-as-important news, Belichick weighed in on good friend Jon Bon Jovi's band earning the Hall of Fame nod.