In his impromptu press conference on Saturday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick gave a fairly detailed scientific explanation about his team's football preparation process.

"We simulated a game-day situation, in terms of the preparation of the footballs, and where the footballs were at various points in time during the day or night. ... I would say that our preparation process for the footballs is what we do -- I can't speak for anybody else -- and that process raises the PSI approximately one pound," Belichick said. "That process of creating a tackiness, a texture -- a right feel, whatever that feel is, whatever that feel is. It's a sensation for the quarterback. What's the right feel -- that process elevates the PSI one pound, based on what our study showed. Which was multiple balls, multiple examples in the process, as we would do for a game."

Well, another Bill says that explanation is hogwash. Bill Nye the Science Guy went on Good Morning America to talk about Belichick's science and here's what he had to say:

Nye said the only way to change the pressure of a football is by using an inflation needle. However, Nye also said, "Go Seahawks!" later in his appearance so it's possible he might be a bit biased. Regardless, his job as the Science Guy probably isn't in jeopardy.

Deflategate is the story that just keeps going. (Getty Images)