The Houston Texans' 22-19 wild-card victory over the Buffalo Bills was truly one of the best games of the season. Quarterback Deshaun Watson led his Texans from a 16-0 deficit to beat the Bills in overtime, and utilized one of his patented pocket escapes to seal the deal.

Facing a second down in enemy territory in overtime, Watson was pressured from both the left and the right from linebacker Matt Milano and safety Siran Neal. Both hit Watson hard, but "Houston's Houdini" bounced off both would-be tacklers, rolled out to the right and hit Taiwan Jones -- who took the pass 34 yards down to the Texans' 10-yard line. The very next play, Ka'imi Fairbairn converted on a 28-yard field goal to complete the comeback.

"It's do or die right now, and all that work I put in in the offseason, I just had to make a play," Watson said immediately after the game, via ESPN. "Somebody had to be great -- why not me?"

It looked like the Bills were about to record a huge overtime sack, but Watson flipped the play on its head, and turned it into the game-winning moment for the Texans. It's a play that is going to be talked about for a long time in Houston, but head coach Bill O'Brien doesn't even believe that it was Watson's best play of the season. 

"I've seen some incredible plays, I'm very lucky," O'Brien told reporters on Monday while discussing Watson's miraculous escape. "And that was an incredible play, but I think that when you get kicked in the eye, and you are still able to complete a touchdown pass -- I'm not sure that you can surpass that. I mean, I just think that play he made on (Saturday) was an incredible play and he's an incredible player, but when he got kicked in the eye against Oakland and he grabbed his eye and he really didn't know what was going on with his eye and he kept the play alive to complete a pass ... That was a pretty cool play." 

Back in Week 8, Watson made headlines with a ridiculous game-winning play which included him getting kicked in the eye. Watson escaped a sack attempt while being kicked in the face from the defender, and hit tight end Darren Fells for the game-winning touchdown. 

"I just kind of just tried to make a play," Watson said after the game. "Kind of spin him off. And when I spin, his leg kind of came up. I'm not sure where it hit. It hit my helmet. That's all I remember. And my eye went shut. Just kind of seen Fells going to my right. I had to re-adjust my helmet and then (my other eye) was actually going closed, so I kind of threw it blind. I kind of assumed where he was going." 

It was one of the best plays of the season, and is exactly why you can never count the Texans out in the playoffs. Houston has been a very inconsistent team up to this point, and Saturday was a microcosm of how the year had gone. The Texans fell into a 13-0 halftime hole, but were able to engineer an incredible comeback to get the job done. The quarterback is the most important position in football, but Watson truly is the X-factor for the Texans. 

The ability he has to turn broken plays into big gains can be the difference between winning and losing -- as evidenced by what took place last Saturday. Sure, the Texans are inconsistent, but you should always expect Watson to pull off something magical.