AJ McCarron doesn't see himself as just an NFL quarterback. A backup for the Cincinnati Bengals' Andy Dalton since he was drafted in 2014, McCarron went to the Buffalo Bills as a free agent this offseason, where he'll at least be contending for a starting position. However, even though for all intents and purposes his NFL career is just beginning, the Alabama alum already sees a future in racing when his football playing days are over.

"Eventually, I want to get into racing," McCarron said Saturday -- via AL.com -- at the free football camp he's hosted in Mobile, Ala. for the past four years. "My grandfather raced at Irvington back in the day when it was a dirt track and then Sunny South. I want to get into racing eventually. I love it. I do IRacing a lot with some of my NASCAR buddies."

McCarron already has NASCAR "experience." He was an honorary pace driver at Talladega in 2013, after all. However, McCarron is eyeing something a little different for the time being. 

"Eventually, I want to work up to the pro trucks that they run at short tracks, whether it's Pensacola or Mobile," he said, per AL.com. "Maybe eventually a late model or a super late model. It'd also be fun to get on a big track like maybe the ARCA Series eventually and try to do something like that. But I don't know. I love it, and, hopefully, one day it will happen."

For now, however, McCarron's focus is undoubtedly on the Bills. With Josh Allen sitting behind him on the depth chart and the Bills just one year removed from their first playoff appearance since 1999 -- ultimately losing to the Jaguars 10-3 in the wild-card round -- expectations are high in Buffalo.