It's too bad the NFL doesn't hand out trophies to teams that win the offseason, because if they did, Bills fans would finally have something to cheer about.

After the Bills concluded their final minicamp of 2016 on Thursday, coach Rex Ryan declared that his team definitely had a better offseason than any other team.

"We've won the offseason," Ryan said, via quotes distributed by the team. "I will challenge anyone. I think we have won the offseason, but we need to win July. That is when everybody is by themselves, on their own, but doing the things to be in great shape when we get to camp. Let's try to avoid some of those injuries we had last year, the small tissue injuries and things and let's take off and see what can happen with this team."

Rex Ryan and the Bills have 'won the offseason.' USATSI

Although the team hasn't been to the playoffs in 17 years, Ryan definitely seems to believe that they've taken a small baby step toward ending that drought in 2016.

Ryan was so impressed with his team's offseason that he wishes the Bills didn't have the next month off.

"I can't wait to get the season started," Ryan said. "I think that is, I am just telling you right now. Forget the vacation I wish it was shorter and all that, I mean. I am excited about this team."

Of course, you can't "win" the offseason unless you had a better offseason than the NFL's 31 other teams, and for the record, that's exactly what Ryan thinks.

"I do, again I don't know about these other teams, I am sure they have had some great camps too, but I have been really impressed with this group," Ryan said.

By the way, we should probably note that Ryan is well aware that people are going to laugh at his statement about the Bills winning the offseason.

"That's one of those things I shouldn't say because they're going to kill me anyway," Ryan said. "But we're on vacation so nobody's going to read it anyway."

Winning the offseason hasn't meant much over the past few years.

The Dolphins and Redskins are two teams that are famous for winning the offseason. Coincidentally, they also happen to be two teams that haven't won a playoff game since 2005 (Redskins) and 2000 (Dolphins).

The Bills haven't won a playoff game since the 1995 season and currently have the NFL's longest drought without a playoff appearance.