In all likelihood, the Cleveland Browns are going to take a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick in next month's NFL draft. A quarterback seems likely to come off the board at No. 3 as well, given that the New York Jets just surrendered three second-round picks up move up three spots from No. 6 to No. 3 and are heavily rumored to be targeting a franchise passer. 

The Buffalo Bills started the draft process with the No. 21 and 22 selections, but after trading Cordy Glenn to the Bengals, they now have No. 12 and 22. Being that they traded Tyrod Taylor to the Browns and saw Nathan Peterman throw five interceptions in a single half last season, the Bills are also heavily rumored to be interested in moving up to grab the passer of their choice near the top of the draft. 

Not so fast, according to general manager Brandon Beane. 

"The truth? Most of these quarterbacks I've only spent 15 minutes with," Beane said, per Peter King of The MMQB. "I haven't spent enough time to have an opinion about any of them yet, honestly. I actually sent a little note to our [scouts] yesterday. We got six weeks to get our board together. I am not there yet, knowing if we can or will move up again. I want Sean to get to know all of them. We're just keeping an open mind. Where we're at, we've got the picks, we've got the draft capital. I'm not ready to pull the trigger."

This is one heck of an attempt at gaining leverage by Beane! The Giants hold all the cards at No. 2 now that the Jets moved in right behind them. Do the Broncos want to leapfrog the Jets? They have to go to the Giants to do it. Do the Bills want to do jump both teams, plus the division rival Dolphins, who are reportedly checking out QBs with the No. 11 pick? They have to go to the Giants to do it. 

The cost is likely to be astronomical -- again, the Jets just gave up three second-round picks to move up three spots -- so the Bills have to give off the impression that they're in no rush to move up those 10 spots it would take to box out all the other teams for whichever passer they want that does not go to the Browns at No. 1. It's perfectly believable that Beane has a lot of work still to do to scout the top QBs in the draft, but this right here is a pretty clear signal that they are just not interested in paying top dollar to make a move once they decide who their man is. We'll see if they still feel that way come draft day.