Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is scheduled to interview with the Texans on Sunday afternoon for their head coaching vacancy, with strong support from some of the men owner Cal McNair has consulted with about the hiring process. Frazier, 61, is a former head coach whose calm demeanor and ability to connect with players is the polar opposite of former coach Bill O'Brien, who was fired in-season.

Frazier has been heralded for his work with the Bills, has owner Kim Pegula advocating for him, and is well liked and respected by the owners and general managers he has worked with throughout his lengthy NFL career. He is also someone Tony Dungy -- who McNair has reached out to -- has supported for the job, with Frazier's coaching style and personality not unlike that of the Hall of Fame coach. The Texans need to rebuild an awful defense, with Frazier specializing on that side of the ball. And it would be difficult to imagine him not being able to connect with disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson, whose frustration and discontent with the way the Texans have conducted their coach and GM search to this point widely known.

Frazier has been around successful coaches throughout his career and is adept at putting together a staff, alongside being the kind of coach who other coaches want to be around. He spent three years as coach of the Vikings (2011-2013) after serving as interim head coach in 2010, reaching the postseason once with the team transitioning from Brett Favre and struggling to solidify the quarterback position. He has also worked for the Ravens, Bucs, Colts, Bengals and Eagles. It would not be a surprise to many around the league if he was a match with the Texans, who are already in crisis. Frazier is a potentially galvanizing figure at a critical time.