Bills player shows off gruesome head wound days after taking hit with no helmet on

Not only did the Chargers-Bills game give us one of the oddest moments of Week 2 on Sunday when Vontae Davis decided to retire at halftime, but that game also gave us one of the scariest moments of the week, when Buffalo's Taiwan Jones took a shot to the head after losing his helmet. 

The dangerous tackle went down in the third quarter after the Bills forced a Chargers punt. On the play, Bills return man Marcus Murphy fumbled the ball into his own end zone. At that point, Jones, who was the only Bills player around, immediately grabbed the ball and tried to get it out of the end zone. Before Jones could really take a step though, a Chargers player ripped his helmet off. 

Under NFL rules, all plays are supposed to be whistled dead after a player loses his helmet, but this one kept going, likely because the refs didn't notice Jones had lost his helmet due to the amount of people who were around him. Once Jones had the ball, he took about three steps before he was hit straight in the head by the helmet of Chargers linebacker Uchenna Nwosu

Jones was down for several minutes before he was finally taken to the sideline and eventually to the Bills' locker room. 

At the time, the only part of the injury that was visible was the blood on Jones' headband. 

Taiwan Jones suffered a serious gash against the Chargers.  CBS Sports/NFL Game Pass

At some point, Jones decided he was going to show off his head wound and that's exactly what he did this week. 

We're about to show you a picture of the gash and if you're queasy at all, this is your warning to stop reading. If you need something else to do, here's a fun story about how the Bills are a massive 16.5-point underdog this week.  

Alright, if you're still here, that means your OK seeing the picture, so we're going to show you the picture. 

Here's what it looks like when an NFL player takes a shot to the head after losing his helmet. 


The gash was so bad that Jones had to get 10 stitches to close it up. 

The man who made the tackle, Nwosu, felt so horrible about the hit that he sent out a statement one day after the Chargers' 31-20 win. 

"I want to take another opportunity to apologize to Taiwan Jones for yesterday's hit," Nwosu said, via "The game is rough but my intention is never to hurt anyone. The ref hadn't blown the whistle to call the play dead and I didn't realize his helmet had come off. My apologies man."

On Jones' end, he just sounded thankful that things didn't turn out worse. 

"Appreciate all the love and all the prayers shared by everybody. Much appreciated," Jones said on Instagram. "God has blessed me again to walk away from what could have been tragic, but I'm good, for the most part. We'll see how I feel in the morning, but appreciate the love."

Somehow, Jones didn't even suffer a concussion on the play. Although he missed the rest of the Chargers game, there's a chance he could play against the Vikings this week. Jones has been listed as questionable for the game after being a limited participant in practice all week. 

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