Bills rookie QB Josh Allen shocks newlyweds by crashing wedding photo shoot

Bills quarterback Josh Allen didn't get married over the weekend, but he was involved in a wedding photo shoot after he decided to crash one that was taking place at New Era Stadium on Saturday. 

Apparently, Allen noticed a wedding party outside the stadium and decided he wanted to get in on the pictures, and let's just say, he was welcomed with open arms by a wedding party that included bridesmaids in Bills underwear, groomsmen in Bills socks and some guy wearing a creepy Bills mask that he probably wasn't allowed to wear at the wedding. 

Here's a look at the wedding party posing with Allen, who was also joined by Bills rookie Harrison Phillips. 

If that wedding was anything like a Bills tailgate session, then there's a good chance multiple people were set on firesmashed through a table or both. 

By the way, not only did Allen pose for a group photo, but he also took some time to jump in a picture with just the bride and the groom. 

The good news for Buffalo is that it looks like Allen is fully embracing the Bills Mafia and the Bills Mafia is fully embracing him. As long as Allen can lead the Bills to the playoffs more than once every 18 years, his popularity will likely stay pretty high in Buffalo. 

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