If you like football, money and shoveling snow, then the Buffalo Bills have quite the offer for you. 

In what has basically become an annual tradition, the Bills are asking fans to show up to New Era Stadium on Friday to shovel snow. The stadium is filled with snow and the Bills need to get rid of it so that they can host the Jets on Sunday. 

Assuming the stadium gets cleared, the Jets and Bills will kick off at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday in a game that will be televised by CBS, which you can stream live on CBS All Access or fuboTV (Try for free). 

Now, no one wants to stand outside all day and shovel snow for free, which is why the Bills are offering several incentives for anyone who decides to show up. For one, you get free food: The team says that both lunch and dinner will be provided. 

The only thing better than free food is money, and you'll also be getting that. The Bills will be paying $12 per hour to anyone who shows up, which is actually a raise compared to what the team paid last year. In 2017, shovelers were paid $11 per hour, which means fans are getting a nice nine percent raise. 

The other perk that comes with this offer is a free ticket. The Bills have said that any fan who shovels snow for four or more hours will get one free ticket to Sunday's game against the Jets. Basically, if you shovel snow for four hours on Friday, you'll get a free NFL ticket, you'll get at least one free meal and you'll make $48, which you can then immediately spend on a Christmas present for your dad since you probably haven't bought anything for him yet. 

It's such a good offer that even people from Canada are willing to help. 

Of course, if you do decide to take the team up on this offer, the Bills do have a few requests. They'd like you to wear warm clothes, they'd like you to bring your own shovel and they'd like you to bring proper identification. If you don't have a shovel, the Bills will hook you up with one.