A black cat brought the Week 9 "Monday Night Football" game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants to a halt when it sprinted on to the field in the second quarter of Dallas' 37-18 win. The cat ran throughout the end zone and fans got a good chuckle out of the speedy feline.

However, it appears that the black cat isn't the only one that calls MetLife Stadium home. According to Kevin Sheehan and Lia Eustachewich of The New York Post, the feline is a member of a colony of as many as 300 feral cats that -- in addition to the Jets and Giants -- calls MetLife stadium home.

Stadium workers take care of the cats, in addition to their traditional everyday duties.

"I looked and said, 'That looks like one of the cats I feed!' " an employee known as the "Cat Man" said.

"There are over 300 feral cats in the complex right now. I go to seven or eight colonies at the [Meadowlands] racetrack, and there are people feeding them at MetLife."

The worker also added that the MetLife Stadium staff feeds up to 11 25-pound bags of dry cat food per week to the cats. The owners of MetLife Stadium pay for the food, but the "Cat Man" buys 18-24 cans of wet food for out of his own pocket.

The New York Post also reports that the cats live in an underground tunnel that the MetLife Stadium security staff uses.

Many fans questioned where the speedy feline came from when it caused a two-minute delay during the "Monday Night Football" showdown. It was certainly some great entertainment for the crowd, but it also appears that there are several individuals that are concerned about the cats' well-being.

Perhaps it won't be the last time that a cat displays 4.4 speed on the turf at MetLife Stadium.