Blake Bortles explains how his unlocked truck with the keys inside was nearly stolen

On Wednesday, an 18-year-old high school student named Joseph Horton was arrested after he allegedly tried to steal Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles' pickup truck, which was parked outside a house party. According to the police report, Horton got into Bortles' truck because it was unlocked and was able to start the car because the keys were inside, but he failed to actually steal the truck because he was blocked by other parked cars, reported at the time.

On Tuesday, Bortles told the story during an interview with the "Touching Base Podcast" -- including an explanation as to why he left his keys and wallet inside an unlocked car. 

According to Bortles, he was at Jaguars center Brandon Linder's house for their weekly offensive line dinner. As the hour approached 7 p.m., Bortles noticed something was wrong with his truck.

"I walk outside and my truck is like turned around facing the other way than how I'd parked it. I was kinda like, 'Man, this is weird.' The first thing I thought of, we've got some buddies that live in the area, like somebody came by and was just messing with me. Colton comes running out and goes, 'Hey Brandon, there's a random kid in your house.' So Brandon, our center who lives there, grabs the golf club ... and just takes off on a full sprint back into his house. It was kinda like a scene out of like 'Bad Boys II' ... Brandon was holding the golf club kinda interrogating this kid. And not shortly after the cops showed up."

The question remains: Why did Bortles leave his car unlocked with the keys inside? It's a fair question -- a point that Deadspin raised in the immediate aftermath of last week's report.


It turns out, Bortles does, in fact, keep his keys in the car. He explains:

"I've had an F-150 since I was like 18 years old. Fords have the lock code on the outside. So, I just use that. Usually, and I probably shouldn't say this, I leave my keys (in the car). But you can lock it and then you get in by that code. So, I've always done that "

Why didn't the code prevent Horton from entering the truck? 

"Colton, who I feel like should get blamed for all of this, Brandon's random friend that lives with him, went out to move my truck so that he could get his out. So, he moved it and never locked it. So, I locked it. He did not. So, I'm throwing him under the bus."

So, there you have it: Blake Bortles leaves his keys inside his truck and throws his teammates' friends under the bus, which demonstrates a failure to lead by example and more generally, a lack of leadership. Hopefully, the sarcasm came through there.

According to, Horton was charged with burglary, trespassing, and grand theft. Meanwhile, Bortles is set to enter his fifth season as the Jaguars' starting quarterback after an uneven season that saw him rank 15th out of 35 quarterbacks by Football Outsiders' metrics before producing some of the best football of his career during the Jaguars' final two playoff games. In late February, Bortles landed a contract extension that is scheduled to keep him in Jacksonville through the 2020 season.

Maybe by then he'll learn to take his keys out of his truck.

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