Blogger hired to defend Redskins name resigns after two weeks

The lifespan of an NFL player's career can be short. The lifespan of an NFL blogger's career? It can be even shorter. Just ask Ben Tribbett, the liberal political blogger hired by the Redskins  on June 26, 2014, who tweeted his plans to resign on Monday night.

In a series of tweets, Tribbett blamed "personal" "political attacks" that caused him to become a "distraction" for his resignation.

In an interview with the Washington Post on Monday, Tribbett said "things got a little out of control on Twitter" and stated his resignation wasn't indicative of his position on the Redskins name.

“[My resignation] was not reflective of me changing my position on this at all," Tribbett said. "I supported the Redskins before I took this job. ... I think that’s how they found me. I still support them. I don’t think [the name is] a slur."

First of all, welcome to Twitter, sir. If you didn't realize it can get out of hand until 2014, consider yourself lucky.

On the changing position thing, well, things appear to be a little awkward.

Basically, back in 2006 Tribbett was the guy who busted Senator George Allen for using a slur against an Indian man in the employ of an opponent while campaigning.

George Allen, for those keeping score at home, is the brother of Redskins GM Bruce Allen.

While writing about this incident, Tribbett posted a link on his personal blog to a list of slurs, which, appears to have included "Redskin."

Maybe Tribbett was sick of the intense personal opinions on both sides of this debate. Or maybe the discovery of the stance Tribbett took on his blog (and the therefore hypocritical stance he was taking) resulted in a little tightening of his collar. 

Additionally there was the discovery of a set of tweets from Tribbett in 2010 (the Internet never forgets after all) where he used some clearly inappropriate language when discussing an Indian American while apparently on a blackjack table in Las Vegas.

Good lesson in public relations here: if you hire someone to defend your name which is under attack for being racist, make sure they don't have highly questionable tweets living out there.

Just another day in the life of the Redskins nickname discussion, really.

Seriously, Daniel Snyder does not want to change his team's name. (USATSI)
Daniel Snyder is determined to keep his team's name. (USATSI)
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