Bo Jackson thinks Russell Wilson should stick to football

Bo Jackson thinks Russell Wilson should stick to football.
Bo Jackson thinks Russell Wilson should stick to football. (USATSI)

Bo Jackson, one of the all-time two-sport athletes, thinks Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson should stick to football. OK, actually Bo thinks Russell should stick to what "got him in the headlines."

Speaking from White Sox camp, Jackson said the talent pool is tougher than it was when he played and double dipping in this day and age would be too difficult for an athlete.

"Stick to what got [Wilson] in the headlines, not baseball," Jackson said. "Twenty-five or 30 years ago when I did it, I’m not trying to say anything negative about other athletes, but the talent pool wasn’t that deep. In this day in age, with all the high-tech training, computer-engineered workouts and the proper food and diet, if you try to concentrate on two sports, I guarantee you’re going to ride the bench in both because the talent is that deep.

"Stick to whatever sport you’re comfortable with and let everything else go."

When Jackson played, a superior athlete like himself could manage to succeed in multiple sports thanks in large part to athletic ability trumping everything else.

Wilson's a superb athlete too, but Jackson's right: you suffer when you're not focused singularly on one thing in general and it's even more true when facing the level of competition that there is in each of football and baseball.

Having said that, Wilson's shown a pretty impressive ability to rise above any concerns people might have, thanks in large part to leaning on his work ethic. If anyone could pull off the two-sport thing, it's him, pretty much on sheer determination alone.

But Jackson's completely right about it not being as easy as it once was. Which is probably why you'll just see Wilson focusing on winning another Super Bowl instead of chasing the baseball dream.

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