Brees' deal changes the game for other quarterbacks

The Drew Brees deal -- averaging $20M a year -- opens the floodgates at the quarterback position. With Tom Condon representing so many of the quarterbacks, most of their expiring deals will work off of Brees' deal. That's not to suggest there are players waiting to top the Brees deal but they all just got a 2-3 million spike in their request. A guy that was probably going to be a 11-12 million a year QB is headed toward a deal for 15-16 per year. The franchise tag in 2013 for quarterbacks will probably be about 16 million and a guy like Joe Flacco will be tagged next year and probably drive the Ravens to a deal worth 16 million a season which will look like a bargain compared to Brees.

The running back deals signed today by Ray Rice and Matt Forte really turned back the move toward deals signed by Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson. Maybe it was the major injury AP had or the slow start by CJ but teams didn't react to the big deals at the top of the running back class. It also sends a message to MJD what the 'new' running back market is today.

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