Brett Favre played for four NFL teams, but there's no doubt he'll be remembered for the 16 years he spent in Green Bay, which included 11 playoff appearances and a Lombardi Trophy. On Saturday night, Favre will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and not surprisingly, he's said, "There's no doubt how I will be remembered, and that's as a Packer -- as it should be."

So you can imagine the surprise by some fans upon seeing his Hall of Fame locker in Canton, Ohio, that included both a Packers and Vikings jersey, where Favre spent the final two years of his NFL career.

"(Expletive) the Vikings," said one Packers fan upon seeing it, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tom Silverstein. "Why did they have to put that in there? (Expletive) the Vikings."

While Favre didn't have much of a reaction to his dual-jersey locker, he also had no prior knowledge of it. In fact, it was ESPN's Ed Werder who brought it to the quarterback's attention.

"[Werder] said, 'How do you like your display?' and I said, 'I don't even know what the hell you're talking about,'" Favre said. "So I finally saw it this morning. ... Green Bay fans probably don't like the Vikings jersey."

That, apparently, is an understatement.

As for why it happened, Pete Fierle, vice president of communications for the Hall of Fame, can explain.

"That is an exhibit for the Class of 2016," Fierle told ESPN. "There are eight lockers created, one for each enshrinee. They contain artifacts of each Hall of Famer."

If you're looking for a silver lining, Packers fans, Favre offered this memory of when he returned to Green Bay in 2008 as a member of the Vikings.

"I had a tremendous amount of respect for playing as a home team quarterback in Lambeau for so many years, but I really, I don't know if I underappreciated how difficult it is to play on that field, with the fans cheering against you, until I walked out of the tunnel as an opponent," he said. "It was an incredible feeling of awe, and I'm really thankful that I played in Minnesota. We didn't win a championship, but I'm thankful that I had a chance to witness it from the other side, if that makes sense.

"Because I think I would have taken for granted how special it is to play there, and when I came out as an opponent, I realized this place is pretty special."

Favre, whose wife will present him at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, added, "I wouldn't trade my 16 years in Green Bay for anything."