Before the Browns, Bills and any other quarterback-needy teams get any ideas, let me preface this Brett Favre quote by saying that Favre does not want to end his retirement and play one final season in the NFL.

Still, in what is sure to get Favre's most loyal supporters fired up, Favre told Sports Illustrated that he is still good enough to play in the NFL.

"I think I could play," Favre said. "As far as throwing."

But, as I said, Favre made sure to make it clear that he is not looking to end his retirement.

"Of course, we're not trying to start some he's-coming-out-of-retirement deal," Favre said.

Favre also clarified his comments, saying that he simply has the arm talent to quarterback a team in the NFL, and not the ability to "lead a team." According to Favre, he can "throw it 50 yards as well as anyone, but that used to be 80."

"Do I think I could play and lead a team? Look, no," Favre said. "But I could play. I could make all the throws I made before, I just couldn't throw it near as far, but that never matters anyway."

After a historic 20-year career -- 16 spent with the Packers -- Favre retired from football in 2011. But Favre, now 45, has a history of coming back from retirement. He did so twice, playing for the Jets and the Vikings at the end of his career. And in his second to last season in the league, Favre still managed to put up some of the best numbers in his career as he led the Vikings to the NFC title game. In that 2009 season, Favre was 40 years old, yet he still threw for over 4,200 yards.

Still, there's just one thing that'll probably keep him retired for good this time around. In Favre's career, he was sacked 525 times, which is the most in the history of the NFL. And he doesn't appear to be willing to add to that record.

"I always jokingly tell people, I just don't want to get hit," Favre said. "I don't know if I could get up."

Favre isn't looking to return to the NFL, but he says he could still play. (USATSI)