Brett Favre surprised Packers have won just one Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers are in a weird spot. Aaron Rodgers is 33 years old and during his likely Hall of Fame tenure, Green Bay has just a single Super Bowl title. 

That seems greedy, right? But even Rodgers would acknowledge it's disappointing to have only won once with the talent they've had on the rosters he's played for in Green Bay. Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre agrees, telling ESPN's Rob Demovsky that he "would've thought" the Packers would have more than a single title with Rodgers.

"Obviously, Aaron has carried the team for a long time; that's not going to change," Favre said. "That in itself is not enough -- at least it hasn't been, and it's been pretty good. As good as he is, I would've thought they would've won more than one by now. But I don't know if he can do anything else other than what he's done up to this point. It always seems like one piece of the puzzle is missing."

This could easily be interpreted as Favre slinging shade at Rodgers. "Oh, just one title?" But Favre himself only won a single title with the Packers, and Green Bay was pretty loaded when he was there too. 

More likely, it's a case of Favre and Rodgers becoming buddies again thanks to time healing the wounds of Favre's departure and eventual re-emergence with the Jets and the Vikings. Things got ugly for a while, but Favre is more than welcome back now. 

The Ol' Gunslinger also believes Rodgers could play well into his 40s, just like Tom Brady.

"Why stop at 40?" Favre asked. "He moves around as well as anyone in the game right now. That's big. The less you're hit -- Tom Brady's a different player, but they protect him well enough. He's not going to scramble for much, but I see no decline in Tom other than he's getting older, but he doesn't look like that.

"And I think Aaron -- what is Aaron, 33? I would think that barring any injury -- and he knows how to protect himself -- six or seven years from now is a long time to think that far down the road, but there's no reason to think he couldn't play and play at a high level until -- I'm not going to say 43, 44, it's up to the individual -- and I don't see any decline in his game unless he doesn't want to play anymore."

Favre knows well about playing late into a career, having suited up for the Vikings at the age of 41. Rodgers has also pointed out that he's started to approach his diet and exercise differently as he has gotten older, even mimicking what Brady does to help his body age better. 

Rodgers has hit stretches over the last two years where he looked human, but he also hit stretches over the last two seasons where he looked otherworldly, getting so locked in he became capable of putting the team on his back and dragging them to the playoffs. 

Quarterbacks are playing longer than ever, and it would hardly be surprising to see Rodgers rip off a title run or two in his mid-to-late 30s. Who knows, maybe he'll even get one in his fourth decade on the planet. 

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