Brett Favre: 'You'll see me more in Green Bay'

These two guys are now acting like good buddies. (USATSI)
These two guys are now acting like good buddies. (USATSI)

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Seven years after he last took a snap in Green Bay, the Packers will honor Brett Favre by inducting him into the club's Hall of Fame and retiring his No. 4 jersey. It's a move approved by current quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who said he's been at the forefront of trying to get Favre's number retired.

And Favre wants to have more of a presence in Green Bay beginning this year.

"You will see me more in Green Bay," Favre said on 620WTMJ. "I would like to go to a game in Green Bay this year and get that behind me."

Favre isn't sure when that will happen because he wants to watch his daughter play all of her volleyball games in Mississippi. Either way, Favre said "the ice has been broken," and now, he wants to be a more active Packers alumnus.

Even if he's worried about Packers fans booing him when he's set to be honored -- though he says that's actually not a concern for him, and in reality, it probably shouldn't be -- Favre had to do some thinking about the disappointing end of his tenure in Green Bay.

"You can't go back. That's the one thing I finally said, 'It is what it is. It's over. It's done with. You can't change that. You can change today and the future,'" Favre said. "I really don't hold any regrets through my career. That goes from day one until the end."

Yet ...

"The way things ended in Green Bay is very unfortunate. We all can look back at something in our life...I share as much blame as anyone. It's over and done with. We're underway in getting a resolution here and it's a good thing. We move on. We move past it."

"I can sit here and name so many things from a regret standpoint that I do regret, but there's nothing I can do about it know but change from this thing forward."

That apparently includes returning to the place he called home for 16 seasons.

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