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Tua Tagovailoa is over a year removed from hip surgery and is the unquestioned starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. The results are showing thus far in training camp. 

Tagovailoa has displayed strong velocity and ball placement though the first week of practice. He's looking like the quarterback that starred at Alabama and not the one Miami saw in his rookie year. Not that Tagovailoa was bad, but the Dolphins were getting a player recovering from hip surgery. A player that had questionable decision making skills and throws that lacked the pop that struck fear in NFL defensive backs. 

Through a week of practice, Tagovailoa has displayed all the attributes that had teams wondering if he should have been the top pick in the 2020 draft. The Dolphins quarterback has had a good camp. 

"I think he's gotten off to a good start," Dolphins head coach Brian Flores told reporters at training camp this week. "There's still a long way to go. It's still very early. Good command of the offense, his techniques, his QB mechanics, fundamentals, trying to work those every day and get them where they need to be so that his footwork, his timing, that all kind of plays into his accuracy as a passer; but also ball-handling with the backs and things of that nature. 

"I think he's off to a solid start. It's still very early. It's still so early. We've got a long way to go. We just need to continue to string good days together. That's always my message to the team. One meeting, one walkthrough, one practice, one play at a time. He's taken that approach. We're seeing small improvements on a daily basis and hopefully that continues."

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The Dolphins have placed an emphasis on Tagovailoa's downfield throwing, which have netted results. Tagovailoa completed a deep pass on the sideline in Wednesday's Dolphins' practice, which was described as "effortless." Clearly Tagovailoa is getting the arm strength back in his game -- which only benefits a Dolphins passing game that significantly improved this offseason. 

"We've placed an emphasis on not pushing the ball downfield, but taking advantage of those opportunities if they're there," Flores said. "We want to have good fundamentals, good techniques, good mechanics, go through his progression -- and if it's there and it's open, or we can throw him open, then take a shot. 

"We're not going to make them if we don't throw them. So I think he's taking more shots downfield and hopefully, he's gaining more confidence and can make some of those throws."