Turn up the volume as loud as you possibly can (perhaps even to 11?) because the Brock Lobster is about to get loose in Philadelphia. That's right, baby -- Brock Osweiler is back as the Broncos starting quarterback.

Coach Vance Joseph, after about 48 hours of tape study from Trevor Siemian's disastrous start against the Chiefs on Monday night, decided to turn to Osweiler as the starting quarterback for Week 9 in Philadelphia. 

This is something. It is a thing that exists. How else can you analyze it? Because the Broncos, who have stumbled to 3-4 despite sporting one of the best defenses in the NFL, are turning to Brock Osweiler as their starting quarterback against one of the most dangerous defenses in the NFL. 

The Eagles aren't stout in the back end of their defense, but they are filthy on the defensive line. Fletcher Cox, Timmy Jernigan, Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry and Derek Barnett have been getting after more mobile and dangerous quarterbacks at various points in the season.

Seimian was pretty terrible on Monday night in the Broncos loss. He threw some awful picks. But he was also under fire for much of this game. The Broncos nearly went with Osweiler at the time but decided not to, which should remind you immediately of this:

The lasting images of Osweiler as a member of the Houston Texans (he never attempted a regular season pass with the Browns) is him narrowly avoiding pressure while looking like Gumby, trying to throw a pass downfield but mostly flailing in an attempt to do so. It wasn't pretty. 

This game has the same feel, although it's worth noting that Osweiler has had success in Denver before, albeit with a different offensive coordinator. The Eagles are flying high right now at 7-1 and the Broncos are desperate; Brock Osweiler desperate.

If Mike McCoy and Co. can cook up a plan that makes Osweiler look good, this will be an impressive victory.