Broncos, Jaguars trade jabs on Twitter

Perhaps the Jaguars are still smarting from the fact that the gambling line for next week’s Broncos game opened at -28 in favor of Denver, the largest spread in NFL history. But when Denver’s PR department tweeted the following Monday morning, the Jaguars PR department was none too pleased.

Not surprisingly, the Jaguars didn’t enjoy having their offensive woes rubbed in their face, especially since Peyton Manning probably will outscore Jacksonville all by himself on Sunday. So, despite the fact they’re coming off their most-competitive game of the season in a loss to the Rams in Week 5, here’s how Jacksonville retorted.

And Denver’s response to the response:

My take: was the initial tweet a shot at the Jaguars? Yeah, I don’t see how it wasn’t. Was it trolling? Eh, maybe a little bit, since the Broncos subtweeted the Jaguars by not throwing an @jaguars mention in the original tweet. Besides, it wasn't funny as this L.A. Kings tweet from last hockey season.

That said, maybe the Broncos can learn a little something from the social media acumen of their own running back Knowshon Moreno.

After Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, for some reason, mentioned how Moreno sucks on Twitter on Sunday, here’s the tweet Moreno sent out after the Broncos beat the Cowboys to move to 5-0 on the season.

Now, that's how you land a knockout punch on Twitter.

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