Broncos players ignore Brock Osweiler as he screams his lungs out on the sideline

Brock Osweiler is somehow still the Broncos' starting quarterback in the year 2017 and the Broncos appear to be just as thrilled about it as we all are. 

During the Broncos' Week 16 game against the Redskins, Osweiler appeared to try to fire up his team by launching into a sideline screaming/shouting tirade that we've seen from guys like Tom Brady over the years. But instead of listening to him, the Broncos' sideline chose to ignore him, creating a very awkward video that you can watch below.

Look: A very tall person is screaming at no one in particular on the Broncos' sideline.

That's the second-best Osweiler video ever. The best is from his days backing up Peyton Manning in his first stint with the team.

Things have not gone well for Osweiler since he returned to Denver in September after a year away in Houston (with Cleveland serving as his summer vacation). He wasn't supposed to be anything more than a backup, but injuries to both Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch -- and both of their poor levels of play -- have led to Osweiler starting four games. In his three starts prior to Sunday, he went 0-3 and posted a 65.6 passer rating. Overall, entering Sunday, he'd thrown five touchdowns and four picks, averaged 6.7 yards per pass, and posted a 75.9 passer rating this season.

HIs outing against the Redskins didn't go well. This interception is peak Osweiler:

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