Broncos quarterbacks react to news of teammates trying to recruit Kirk Cousins

We're less than two months into the NFL offseason and things have already gotten kind of awkward for Trevor Siemian

After starting 24 games for the Broncos over the past two seasons, the team has basically been shooing him out the door over the past six weeks. Not only are the Broncos reportedly trying to trade him, but his own teammates have been trying to recruit guys like Kirk Cousins to take his place. 

Oh, and did we mention that John Elway said his main goal this offseason was to upgrade the quarterback position? Because that also happened. 

Basically, it seems like no one in Denver really wants to see Siemian return as the starter in 2018, and the crazy thing is that he's apparently OK with that. 

During a recent interview in Denver, Siemian said he has no problem with the fact that Broncos players have been actively recruiting Cousins or that everyone keeps mentioning that the team needs to upgrade at quarterback. 

"It's understandable,'' Siemian said. "We won five games last year. In this league playing quarterback, you're judged on wins and losses. I get it. It's part of the deal."

The Broncos went 5-11 last season, but it wasn't exactly his fault. Siemian went 5-5 in 10 starts while Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler combined to go winless in their six starts. With the 2017 season behind him, Siemian said the only thing he can do now is get better for the future. 

"I just wish I would have done some things differently," Siemian said. "It would have been nice to play a little better and get us a few more wins. But I'll look back and I'll learn from it and be better for it."

The 26-year-old quarterback has gone 13-11 over the past two seasons, and even if the Broncos sign someone like Cousins, there's a chance that Siemian could return to Denver. The 2015 seventh-round pick still has one year left on his rookie deal, and at a $1.9 base salary for 2018, he would be a very affordable backup quarterback. 

Although Siemian seemed to be understanding of the fact that his teammates want a new quarterback, Osweiler didn't really want to have a conversation about it.  

"Players, coaches, teammates, everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion," Osweiler said. "The beautiful thing about being able to live in this country is not only are you entitled to your opinion, but you can speak it."

After making $16 million in 2017 -- with $15.25 million of the coming from the Browns and just $775,000 coming from the Broncos -- Osweiler is set to be a free agent on March 14 and will be allowed to sign with anyone. The Broncos are going to need a backup quarterback in 2018, so it wouldn't be completely surprising if they decide to bring back either Siemian or Osweiler next season. 

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