If the NFL decides to hand out an award for the gutsiest performance of Week 4, it should probably go ahead and give it to Bradley Chubb, and that's because the man played nearly an entire quarter with a torn ACL during Denver's 26-24 loss to the Jaguars on Sunday. 

Chubb's injury happened during the first minute of the fourth quarter, and apparently, he wasn't aware of the severity of what had happened, because he decided to keep playing. As a matter of fact, not only did Chubb stay in the game after suffering the injury, but he almost made what could have been the game-winning play. 

With the Broncos leading 24-23 and just 90 seconds left to play, Chubb was on the field with his torn ACL trying to rush Jaguars quarterback Garden Minshew. On a second-and-10 play from the Jags' 25-yard line, Chubb blew past his blocker -- remember, he was playing with a torn ACL, which I can't emphasize enough -- and he forced a fumble. If the Broncos had been able to jump on the ball, it would have iced the game, but instead, Minshew recovered the fumble and ended up completing a pass. 

Although the Broncos didn't get the win, coach Vic Fangio was highly impressed with the way Chubb was able to play ON A TORN ACL. 

"He felt good enough to come back in and actually, he played that last series pretty damn well," Fangio said, via the Broncos' official website. "[He] had some really good pass rushes, caused that fumble that we weren't able to get."

Chubb played so well that he was actually kind of shocked on Monday to find out that he had torn his ACL.

"He was as surprised as anybody, I think, this morning when he woke up feeling the way he did," Fangio said. "It's a huge loss. He's one of our better players, obviously. He's a tempo setter, great player, great person, leader -- all that."

With the 2018 first-round pick now out for the season, the Broncos will likely to look to replace him with either Malik Reed or Justin Hollins, who are both rookies. Hollins was a fifth-round pick during April's NFL Draft while Reed was added as an undrafted free agent.