Broncos starter reveals he was temporarily paralyzed on field after brutal collision during win over Chargers

Broncos cornerback De'Vante Bausby went through one of the most frightening on-field situations that an NFL player can experience on Sunday when he was briefly paralyzed during Denver's 20-13 win over the Chargers

The scary situation happened in the second quarter after Bausby butted heads with teammate Alexander Johnson as the two players were trying to tackle Chargers running back Austin Ekeler

After the hit, Bausby fell straight to the ground, and although there was some initial movement in his arms, he went completely limp after he came to rest on the field. 

During an interview on Tuesday, Bausby revealed just how serious the situation really was. According to the Broncos cornerback, doctors told him that he was actually paralyzed for a full 30 minutes. 

"They said I was paralyzed for the first 30 minutes," Bausby said, via "After 30 minutes I could wiggle my toes, and after two hours I could move everything else."

De'Vante Bausby was briefly paralyzed after an on-field collision with a teammate.  NFL GamePass

After revealing that he had been paralyzed, Bausby was asked if he was scared at all during the harrowing ordeal. 

"A little bit," Bausby said. "I was never unconscious. I just couldn't move, but I was still talking and everything. The neurologist, the doctor said I'd be fine and I kind of trusted him, and after about 30 minutes I was able to wiggle my toes, and after a couple hours I was able to regain full mobility, so I was straight, I was fine."

During the 30 minutes where he couldn't move, Bausby says he never panicked, and that was mostly because he had total faith in the medical team that was taking care of him. 

"I was just calm, and I just trusted what the doc was saying," Bausby said. 

After he was carted off the field, the Broncos corner was eventually taken to the Los Angeles Trauma Center, where he was evaluated for further injury. Although Bausby spent a few hours at the facility, he was eventually cleared to fly home on the Broncos team plane Sunday night. 

"I was just happy, I was just ready to get up out of Los Angeles," Bausby said. "Los Angeles Trauma Center, I was ready to get up out of there, but I was happy to rejoin my team on the plane ride back here."

With Bausby dealing with such a serious injury, the Broncos made the decision to place him on injured reserve on Monday. Despite the ugly injury, Bausby is still hoping to play this year, which could still technically happen. Since Bausby was place on IR, he has to sit out at least eight weeks, but he could still return in time to finish the season.  

"Right now, we're just going to take it real slow, just gain my strength back and all that mess," Bausby said. "I don't have a timetable, but hopefully pretty soon. My plan is to come back and play [this year], though."

The cornerback was one of the few AAF players who has found some success in the NFL this year. After the AAF folded in the spring, Bausby latched on with the Broncos and had been so good during his short time in Denver that he started two of the broncos' first five games, including Sunday's win over the Chargers. 

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