Broncos trade Tim Tebow to Jets for fourth- and sixth-round picks

Will Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez be this close next year when they're fighting for the starting QB job? (Getty)
Tim Tebow is headed to the Jets, and New York is sending the Broncos a fourth-round pick in exchange, the team has announced. Denver also will receive a sixth-round pick in exchange for New York's seventh-round selection.

[UPDATE 3:47 p.m. ET: It's been reported that langauge in Tebow's contract actually could nullify the trade, and though the two sides are trying to work their way through the hangup, the deal still could fall apart.]

It’s a bold move by the Jets – both for the sake of fan interest and locker room chemistry – and Tebow gets a chance to be reborn in the most media-frenzied NFL city.

So, what does this mean for Mark Sanchez? Well, it means he could lose his starting job to Tebow, though that seems unlikely.* After all, the Jets just gave him a three-year contract extension worth $40.5 million, and it seems unlikely that New York would give up on Sanchez so quickly after making such a big commitment to him.

*Of course, it seemed rather unlikely that Tebow would take over for Kyle Orton and then lead the Broncos to the playoffs last year, so really it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

But as’s Clark Judge wrote on Tuesday, the move to New York actually makes sense for the Jets.

With Tony Sparano as the new offensive coordinator, the Jets could turn Tebow into the latest edition of the Wildcat quarterback. Though we all roll our eyes at that formation now, it worked for a while when Sparano was the head coach in Miami.

Tebow, as we know, can run the ball effectively, even if his throwing accuracy isn't exaclty his hallmark.

But more than that, as at least one anonymous Jets player implied, Sanchez needs to be pushed.

“We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice,” one unnamed player said. "He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched."

Backup Mark Brunell wasn't going to be the one to push Sanchez to better heights, even if Rex Ryan occasionaly threatened to bench Sanchez.

Now, if Ryan talks about sitting down his starter, Sanchez knows his backup could very well make him the second coming of Kyle Orton.

Still, not every Jets player felt like the team need a shot of Tebow. Antonio Cromartie, your Twitter thoughts?’s Pete Prisco likely would agree. And though he was referring to the Jaguars when he wrote the following, he likely would apply it to the Jets' acqusition ofTebow: “If they do make a move on him, the team would go from a pro football team to the second best circus this side of Ringling Bros. Step right up and see the sideshow.”

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