Broncos, unlike the Browns, make sure doors open for all media

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Earlier this week, the Browns made the disappointing decision to ban the national media from rookie camp this weekend in order to keep No. 22 overall pick and newly humbled rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel somewhat isolated as he begins his pro career.

As a Browns spokesman told the New York Post, "We don't want this to be a Tebow situation. It's not going to be Johnny Football-Mania out there."

I hated the decision, but because teams are allowed to set their own coverage rules during rookie minicamp, there wasn't anything the league, even if it was so inclined, could do to force the issue.

And then, the Browns did this on Saturday.

While the national media gnashes their teeth at all these silly rules and regulations, that doesn't mean another team couldn't take a subtle shot at Cleveland's decision. From Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth's Twitter account

(A quick reminder: Since it's Twitter, read from the bottom up.)

So, bless you, Patrick Smyth and the Broncos organization for getting it. Because, well, this ...

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