Broncos' Vance Joseph names Trevor Siemian starting QB over Paxton Lynch

Before training camp started back in July, Denver coach Vance Joseph had said that he wanted to have a starting quarterback in place by the time the Broncos played their third preseason game, and it looks like he's going to meet his self-imposed deadline.  

During a press conference on Monday, Joseph officially named Trevor Siemian as the starting quarterback in Denver. The decision means that the former seventh-round pick has now beaten out Paxton Lynch for the job two years in a row.  

"Trevor was more consistent for what we asked those guys to do during the preseason," Joseph said. "He was the clear-cut winner."

Even if some in the Broncos organization were hoping that Lynch, a former first round pick, might win the job, there's no way the team could deny Siemian after watching him through the first two preseason games. Siemian was hands down better than Lynch over the past two weeks, which probably made the decision pretty easy for Joseph. 

During the Broncos 33-14 win over the 49ers on Saturday, Siemian finished 8 of 11 for 93 yards and a touchdown. After the win, the 25-year-old sounded pretty confident that he had done enough to win the job

"I think so," Siemian said, via "I'm not the coach, but I think so." 

On Lynch's end, the quarterback seemed to struggle with his decision-making during his preseason outings. My colleague, Will Brinson, did a good job of breaking down one of Lynch's worst plays from the 49ers game

On a third-and-6 play, Lynch had Demaryius Thomas open across the middle, but instead decided to throw the ball to the one guy who had no chance of catching it. 

Although that one specific play didn't necessarily cost Lynch the quarterback job, it does show how much he's been struggling with his on-field decision making. Lynch finished 9 of 13 for 39 yards against the 49ers. 

Joseph seemed to hint on Saturday that Siemian would likely win the job, saying he was pleased with Siemian's performance. 

"Trevor, he was solid. He was Trevor," Joseph said. "He made good decisions, his ball placement was on point tonight, he controlled the huddle. So I was pleased with Trevor."

The Broncos' decision to go with Siemian is a choice that could leave Lynch's Denver career in limbo. The former first round pick, who was was taken 26th overall in 2016, has now had two chances to win the Broncos' starting quarterback job and has failed both times.

The uglier part for Lynch is that he's been beaten out by Siemian, a quarterback who was taken 250th overall in 2015. Not only was Siemian taken in the seventh round, but he was six picks away from being the final selection in the entire draft. Joseph stressed on Monday that the team hasn't given up on Lynch, and that's mainly because Lynch could be starting at any point this season if Siemian gets injured. 

"He's a guy with rare talent," Joseph said of Lynch on Monday. "With time, he will be a good quarterback, but right now, I think Trevor's the best guy for our team."

With Siemian winning the job, the biggest upside for the Broncos is that they now have one of the cheapest starting quarterbacks in the NFL

The Broncos starting quarterback is under contract through 2018 and will make a total of $615,000 in base salary this year. That $583,196 number is his average annual salary over the life of his four-year, $2.33 million rookie deal. 

After beating out Lynch for the starting job last year, Siemian ended up starting 14 games for the Broncos and going 8-6. In those 14 games, Siemian threw for 3,401 yards and 18 touchdowns. 

Joseph also announced that 2017 first-round pick Garett Bolles has officially won the left tackle job in Denver. 

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